Here we will be posting our Investigations In public areas. I will create a Private homes section later on. We havent been able to get into Private areas as of yet, but we are working on our first Private home investigation. More coming on that!

June 24th  

This night was AWFUL.... It had rained and was still spitting on occasion. However, we are troopers. So we made our way out to what we know is an old Indian Ceremonial site.My grandfather who used to own the land told me of an Indian Chief(spirit) who he could see at the top of his driveway hill. I remember playing there as a kid and always felt I was being watched!

He said this Chief was never a threat. Only once did he feel urgent imminent Danger from him, and it was his Spirit who had alerted my grandparents to something bad heading their way. Turns out it was a fugitive that was in the midst of a chase with the Police, He was caught something like 50 yards from their home. Other then that night, my grandfather never felt anything but peace.  Nor did I.

Once we got there at about 10 pm, we got out of the car and walked some ways away. We settled in and Turned on the brand spanking new Voice recorder (yay). I started off asking the usual questions, and snapping pictures left, right and center.   As I was talking about the ceremony, i noticed the Orb activity was starting to pick up. Not only that but the orbs were starting to move... like darting all around! it was crazy... then, i got hit was that emotion. I started Weeping. I felt so... sad. It was then I caught a picture of a haze again. nothing major like before, but still. When I saw the Image, my breathe caught in my throat!

We had to leave as we had to travel the highway and didnt want to to late. But before we left, we figured we would hit the local cematary of the small town we were in! This was probably the most freightening experience. This is a very old area of Alberta. And some of the Grave markings go back almost 100 years.
We were catching nothing on camera, and were getting ready to leave. In fact we were walking back to the car when my friend shouting out "OH MY F*%#ING HELL!!" I turned around and it looked like she had been burned or something. She was just, I dunno. She looked like she was in pain, and scared out of her mind. She said "Something just whooshed passed me and said 'Get out'" After that we left.  Under no circumstances do we put ourselves in danger. If something seems menacing, we leave!

On our way back to my house, we stopped in Bowness (Calgary) We just drove around snapping pictures, but did catch some Orbs. But didnt do anything in the way of investigation.


June 1st

This night was... well.. interesting. Before heading out, I made reservations at the Cross house, which is now called the rouge. My opinion, severely overpriced, and not gonna catch anything when they are busy with customers.

On our way to our reservation, i dropped my kids off and headed south. we stopped at Stanley Jones elementary. Just a brief note of history.. the basement was once used as a morgue during the flu epidemic of 1917 (i think) they do give tours, call them to reserve a spot.

You can see it in one pic but not the other.... dun dun dun...
From here we made it downtown. we went to the Deane house first, we saw another ghost
hunting" tour group. Walks of Inglewood I believe. We made our way into the garden and  did some peeking around. Nothing unusual. But I did get a weird feeling in the front upper windows of the house. Kind of creepy, but the garden was beautiful.

From there we went to the Cross house (the rouge) We had our grub and made our way to the bathroom, where numerous reports have come from. Took some shots, got some orbs, but nothing super fantastic as these can be anything.

After that we did a couple of tours downtown. we went to St. Marys cathedral, a couple of old schools.. sir James Laugheeds home ( was fantastic) got an obscene amount of orbs and in one shot appears to be some ectoplasm! (back of the house by a stair case).

After there and lots of pictures and a change of batteries, we headed back to the cemetery. My friend however got spooked and we ended up leaving early after only a few moments, but that doesn't mean we cant get a few good orbs!


May 26th

First we went to the Hillhurst school.
The Sun had just set and there was no light. I walked to the front of the building ... took two shots, first had nothing, second had an orb. I went to the back. First had nothing, my flash didn't go off. But the second had a couple of orbs.

Then we went to the St. Barnabas Anglican church, where Mr.Riley and his family are buried. We took some pictures of the cemetary there. Got nothing. then we drove throughout Hillhurst and Sunnyside and took some random photos. Got a few good ones.

Then... Off to queens park cemetary!

Right from the get go, I was seeing orbs in my camera! it was incredible. We would ask nicely for them to appear. and POOF their they were! Oddly enough though, both her video camera (with nightvision) and her digital weren't working. she would snap a shot and nothing would show up! So we got it all on my camera!

We traveled through the cemetary and got tonnes of incredible shots. But probably the most touching was the infant graves.

I said a prayer and a blessing, took a picture just to have it for me.. but when I got home, there were lots of little orbs around there.
I searched for my uncles grave but couldn't find it

As we were leaving the cemetary, we stopped by the crematorium... last chance photo.
I asked nicely "anyone who would be willing to come into this picture, please do. it will be the last one we take before we depart your resting place. " I took a shot, and it was a very hazey shot. The top left corner of it, I can see what looks like a face.. its a goulish looking one, but one none the less!

We traveled back to her house. Stopped back at St. Barnabas, got some more shots cause it was later. this time.. JACKPOT.. I had some orbs.. some even BIG ones. Went back to the school, got some more.. then dropped her off and came home.